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How To Overcome Low Self-Esteem In 4 Steps

The world is an awesome place because I believe it.

There is abundance everywhere because I believe it.

I am the shit because I believe it.

I can do anything because I believe it.

I have voices in my head telling me this stuff all the time and I accept those voices but it wasn’t always this way.

The truth is for most of my life I had the worst anxiety and lowest self-esteem imaginable and was even suicidal when I was a teen. I was at the mercy of numerous negative influences from people I went to church with to my own friends and parents. I sought help to deal with trauma I had experienced in my life and the social worker I saw had me write down what the voices inside my head were telling me, you know, the voices that tell you…

You suck

You’re horrible

You’re not good enough


This leads right into…



No, this isn’t some PUA bullshit post, inner game is controlling the narrative that plays out in your head, day in and day out. Ask: “What do I constantly tell myself?” and “Do I want what believing this voice inside my head will get me?”

If you don’t like the answers to these questions you MUST change the narrative but you have to know what that narrative is.

Take the time to write down your thoughts when your having a “down” sort of day and you’ll be surprised at the things you constantly tell yourself:

why did I do that

i cant believe i did that

im so worthless

im so lonely

im no good


Thats some pretty negative self talk there and we can see that the narrative is all negative very general and non-specific and entirely unbeneficial. But what if we changed it to…

That didn’t go my way but I’ll get it next time

oh well life goes on

People love me

I’m still great at XXXX

people will forget about that in minutes

my mindset is bulletproof this has no effect on me


The key here is recognizing the enemy and then counter-attacking with a narrative of the things you want to feel and be.

2. Outer Game

If you want to feel the part, dress the part. We wear costumes called clothes everyday of our lives and we play out characters in those costumes.

When I put military fatigues I look and feel like im in the military and subconsciously act the part, if I look like a player I’ll act the part. It has very little to do with how people see you versus HOW “YOU” SEE YOU!

Do this: get a pair of khaki pants, a nice polo shirt, and cognac Ferro Aldo shoes and pay attention to how you feel wearing that costume versus wearing a band shirt, ripped jeans, looking like a scene kid. Once when self-talk is established and your inner game is tight, the outer game only serves to reinforce what you already know:

That you are the motherfucking shit

3. Validation

You don’t want validation to start out with, never rely on other people to help fix your poor self-esteem, that’s parasitic behavior.

Validation will come from others when you have validated yourself, “I am enough…I am good enough”. Validation is the reward given to the victor after he has overcome his greatest advesary: himself. The cool thing about validation is that you can use the good things people say about you to further solidify your new-found self-image. Testimonials are a great way to sell products and an even better way to shield yourself from negative people and haters. Validation is the consequence of improved self-esteem, if your inner game and outer game is tight you wont care as much about validation and will see it as icing on the cake.

4. Priming the pump

Seek out positive people and positive things that will boost how you feel about yourself. Hang out with people you like and tell the others to get lost. Since you’ve gotten this far, its good to read and listen to inspirational book and audio books, stop wasting time listening to the radio and load yourself with positive messages.

Remember that your mind is a membrane and it will take in EVERYTHING in your enviroment good and bad


You don’t get what you deserve, you get what you THINK you deserve. Your outlook on life is based on what you put and allow to go into your brain. Just remember: “You are good enough” and “You are enough”.




The Secret of Fire

You have it inside you and you always have.

But you’ve been told to ignore it for so long that you’ve forgotten the fire within you.

It exists friend, and its been waiting for you to unleash its power for so long.

The fire in your belly is an all consuming desire born of your instincts. It is your God-given gift and the ultimate power to change the entire world. “It” is the power to create possibility or destroy it, and it begs for you to channel and tame it. What do you seek to do with it? Will you allow it to languish? Will you allow it to consume you or will you focus it to bring about real “Hope and Change” in your life?

You know exactly what you want and always have but you’ve been mislead by the demonic lies that people have been telling you.

How long are you going to keep shoveling shit, at the whim of another?

How long are you going to suffer in silence when you don’t need to?

How long are you going to be part of the living dead?

Follow your gut to feed the fire.

Your gut, generally speaking, is right 100% of the time. Following your gut stokes the fire inside. Every single thing you do that doesn’t give you happiness kills this flame, kills your mind, and finally kills you physically.

The following the fire in your gut allow you to bend your reality to your will and desire.

What are you doing for that fire right now?

Listen to

With Love,

Marcus Harris


Escape the Matrix NOW!

You are in the matrix

You have always been in the matrix.

Everything you see is a mix of reality and false reality.

Perception is reality and the most powerful people on this planet can bend it to their will.

They love to trick you, lie to you and deceive you, making you think that “Your vote matters”.

You have been conditioned to live in your own bubble, oblivious to the world around you and the great deceivers that play you like a fiddle. From a very young age you have been conditioned and drugged with carefully selected imagery from cartoons, sugary cereals, poisoned medications, baby formula and tap water. In a systematic effort to control and subvert your natural instincts. To make you more docile for the wolves to eat rather than becoming a wolf yourself. You were meant to be free, to be healthy, to be happy, and to be fulfilled but you can’t hope to have any of these things in any measure so long as you confine yourself to the matrix.

It doesn’t have to be this way

Deep down you want something more out of life, you want to be free without the shackles weighing you down. Truthfully, you have Stockholm Syndrome, you love your box and the captors that have trapped you in it. Only until you meet the Event Horizon will momentum begin to shift.


A point of no return


You’re mind is the single most powerful agent of change in existence, in it is the mythical power of creation and causality. In order to better control you the overlords want to ensure that you do not harness the full power of your mind by drowning out the mind with worthless information and powerful mind-control using the media as a vehicle.

All of it is meant to numb your senses.

  1. Intense violence on TV and games are used to desensitize you so that when actual violence happens, instead of acting, you will pull out your cell phone and record with glee.
  2. Gratuitous sexual innuendo and massive amounts of porn to stimulate you in unhealthy ways, prevent reproduction, and turn you into a wanking zombie.

All of this is my opinion of course, TV might have some benefits but I choose to forego it and I don’t miss it.

Your mind unfettered by the all the shackles and distractions is endlessly powerful.

Cut down on social media.


Eat decent food and supplements.

Live the way you want to live and be happy.

Cut out the toxic people that don’t make you happy.

Its so easy, you are capable of so much and yet you are wasting away in the TV land wondering when the next episode of the Walking Dead is while you consume shit-loads of pizza because papa johns has “better ingredients”.

The Matrix is nullified when you understand the full nature of its existence and actively counteract it.

Do research, and find TRUTH. A certain book says “The truth will set you free”…

Boy, does it ever.

Then and only then will you meet your Event Horizon; the point of absolutely no return. There is absolutely no putting things back in Pandora’s box once it’s opened.

There’s some quote that says a mind once stretched never returns to its original dimensions and its true. I once saw things as a religious zealot and now I’m somewhere between Gnostic and Deist. The world for me changed and shifted once I was forced to look at a different perspective.

Once you see the world for what it is and not what you want it to be, your entire life and approach to life changes absolutely. You can’t go back and wouldn’t want to.

Why would you?

You were once in the dark and now in the light. This is the Event Horizon and your final escape from the Matrix. Congratulations, very very few people ever escape the Matrix.

Your escape will have a direct effect on causality and your destiny. Every intentional action has an effect on your outcome and everything matters when YOU are in control of your life.

Most people do not want the burden of responsibility because they want someone to blame when things go wrong; a man divorced from the matrix does not have this option.

You Cannot Save Anyone


Destiny is a combination of Fate and the Will of the Man in question. If a person is willing to allow someone else to decide things for him then he has given in to the will of another, accepted his fate and his destiny is set in stone.

You cannot have a desired destiny without exerting your will!

IT WILL NOT HAPPEN. You need to exert the will to decide your own fate and change your destiny to what you want!

The same goes for anyone you encounter. You can’t save anyone from the Matrix, that’s an act of will that cannot be delegated. You can only give them information and tools to decide their own fate and plus some people actually love being sheep herded by their handlers.



Freedom from the matrix will make you realize one thing:

You are limitless.

With this realization you will ascertain that you have the will to change your fate and shape your own destiny…

or someone else will.


Marcus Harris


Why Your Freedom Died With LaVoy Finicum

If this isn’t proof of his murder, I don’t know what is. It isn’t just a black problem, a mexican problem, a white problem. The U.S. Government is stifling and killing political dissenters, journalists and whistle-blowers and or course, most of the public is in too much of a stupor to see the mafia-like behavior. Because there isn’t a consensus that there is a serious corruption problem in this country, its dangerous treading for dissenters, journalists, and whistle-blowers.

Eric Snowden’s revelations warned us of dangerous government over reach and now I understand this quote:

 “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” – Benjamin Franklin, Personal Memoirs

This is exactly why you must defend yourself from government intrusion. Remember history class? Every time the rest of Europe gave in to Hitler’s demands, Hitler’s inner wolf salivated and preyed on them. First you give up your privacy; then they find out about your assault rifles and you give them up; a mass shooter kills scores and so you give up your guns. You speak against Big Brother, they swat team and kill you, like the unarmed and defenseless lamb you are.

All because you gave up your freedom for a little security and became a mindless lamb. People say they have nothing to hide and that is a delusional lie: privacy is the first freedom and everyone has something they don’t want public.

You don’t deserve freedom or safety if you don’t value either of them.


The ability to choose your destiny and choose where your money goes is safety.

The ability to own the same guns the feds own is freedom

The ability to speak your mind without fearing for your life is freedom….

But you can’t do that if you’re letting the NSA spy on you or letting the IRS pick on conservative groups.

If you don’t love or value your freedom then say goodbye to safety. You will never ever be safe acquiescing to wolves.

How To Fight Back


Pick media consumption carefully (turn off TV forever)

You are being programmed every time you watch TV and its against your will. Make www.drudgereport.com your homepage and never look back.

Know your advesaries

Reading about Cloward and Piven, Machiavelli’s “The Prince”, and watching State of Mind is an excellent start.

Get Active!

Go out and about get around like minded freedom-loving people, look at news sources like Infowars and carefully research their claims.

Either actively and peacefully, TAKE. YOUR. FREEDOM. or have it taken from you.

You decide.



Behold! The New Sodom and Gomorrah

Sodom and Gomorrah

They’re all dead

Every single last fucking one of them!

Do you see the sick look in people’s eyes? The way they drive? The way they’re stuck in their own little worlds on their fucking smartphones not even looking at other people?

While they sit around and talk about the latest episode of the walking dead and the latest micro-brew. The government is robbing them blind, bringing in Rapefugees; and the wolves are eviscerating the sheeple by the thousands.

mark fuckerberg

They either don’t know that they are being eaten by wolves or they don’t care.

Politicians today make Nixon look like a patron saint, and they are getting away with it.

Loretta Lynch refuses to cooperate with the FBI about the Hillary emails

Hillary literally gets away with murder and compromises national security on a whim, crimes so bad they read like satire.

Bill can rape all he wants and dump his bastard son in a dumpster

Bush lies about Iraq kills millions and thousands of our own men and women. Declared an international war criminal.

The republic is dying and in 5 years they’re won’t be an America left and people are so dumbed down by the Matrix that they don’t care.

BLM protesters kill whites with zero provacation: No one cares

Cancers are up over 1000% and no one asks why: No one cares

Autism is up over 2000%: No one cares

Tap water smells like chemical waste where I live: No one cares

We get illegally taxed by the IRS and if you are against the elite agenda you will be audited and bullied but…


Evil people have very slowly (over the last 70 years) destroyed the USA. The founding fathers would be disgusted and ashamed at what we have become.

1540 years ago the Rome fell and so will the United States of America. Its only a matter of time.

The similarities are eerie and freakish.

  • Moral Decline
  • Constant war / military spending
  • economic collapse
  • barbarian invasion (think “refugees”)
  • lack of ethics and values (eugenics)
  • political corruption
  • source: http://www.tribunesandtriumphs.org/roman-empire/reason-why-the-roman-empire-fell.htm

I love my country, I love my countrymen, I love the constitution that I swore to defend.

But I can’t take this anymore, the sheeple fail to realize that they are the real Walking Dead.

Kids shouldn’t get cancer and autism, women shouldn’t need to get double mastectomies, formeldahyde shouldn’t be injected into our bodies.

When are you going to get serious?

Surrendering to wolves assures your slaughter, they love their prey to cower before  feasting on their organs.

And with this I must ask tearfully…

What have we become?




Spiritual text

I’ve had this book for two years and never read it.

Today I decided to read a book and do a review on it and I can honestly say that it was the most impactful 42 pages I’ve ever read.

Spiritual Centers in Man is meant to inform those who wish to pursue Occult studies; high levels of Yoga, Brahmanism, Pythagorean Mysteries, Hermeticism, and along those lines.

In other words, those who wish to attain the highest spiritual enlightenment.

I’m incredibly grateful that I took the time to read this book and I’ll tell you why: Occult study is perilous and difficult in many ways.

Manly opens by saying that growth isn’t just a natural process but also the unfoldment of the spiritual potential that all living things possess. Most will never fully realize this potential or even realize its existence.

“What must I do to unfold the divine powers latent in myself?”


Opening with this simple question Manly proceeds to give us 7 requirements occult students must meet, 7 considerations for occult study, the 7 chakras, and the 8 steps of Yogi school.

Seven Requirements for Occult Students

  1. Must Realize Value of Education
  2. Understands importance of continuity
  3. Recognizes debt to society
  4. Realizes importance of motive
  5. Shun psychism and phenomenalism
  6. Realize that with great knowledge comes great responsibility
  7. Maintains a constructive mental attitude

Some of these may seem banal but Mr. Hall’s explanation of each of these in concise detail is amazing. Pythagoras refused to allow anyone in his school unless they were well versed in Music, Mathematics, and Astonomy; so it would make sense why we need proper education before pursuing deep studies.

What really caught my eye was his explanation of why you shouldn’t skip steps and open your third eye early and wander about the astral plane. It hinders your spiritual development and you risk permanent damage to your mind if you haven’t reached a certain stage of purity.

Its mentioned that students of Mystery Schools often are put in a probationary period for five years in order to stamp out all character flaws and negativity. This explains alot about why so many “Spiritual” people are off their rocker, going to far into the occult without self-mastery is an invitation to destruction. You cannot harbor hate for anyone, embrace any of the Seven Deadly Sins and expect enlightenment, even after a lifetime of study.

I’m still processing a lot of the book but I will leave you with this quote:

“The true occultist realizes that it is not always how long we are at a thing, but how intelligently we pursue our labors that counts; and many who have spent an entire life time have achieved comparatively little.”

I wish you much love and peace on your journey.

From the heart,



How To Be a Leader

Leader loop

In a previous post I talked about the traits great leaders have and in this one I’m going to tell you what skills you will need.

Being a good leader is actually very easy

Being a bad leader is hard

The worst kind are the bad leaders that think they are good.

In order to improve at anything you need to recognize that you have some sort of deficiency or knowledge gap that you need to fill.

Requisite Leader Skills


Vision and Execution


Without a clear vision and plan of action, you will lead your troops right off a cliff. Alot of times your people are compartmentalized in their own job or specialty and can’t see the forest for the trees. Picture yourself as Hernan Cortez navigating the Aztec jungles with your Conquistadors imagine you are holding the only map. Always think big and see the big picture, think of ways you are going to propel your people towards the vision you have and take consistent relevant action.

How to develop: What is the mission statement of your organization? Read it and commit it to memory. Read accounts of famous explorers and imagine yourself in their shoes. What was going through Eric The Red’s head when he discovered Iceland? What was Drake thinking he was half-way done circumnavigating the globe?

Relevant audiobook: History’s Greatest Voyages of Exploration

Intelligence Gathering


You should know your enemies of course but it is far more important to know your people. Find out what makes them do what they do, show genuine interest and they will reciprocate. You aren’t trying to be buddy buddy but showing some interest in their lives serves a dual purpose: you’ll build their morale and find out what motivates them.

How to develop: Really comes down to basic people skills, Dale Carnegie’s book really helped me in this regard. I learned that some people just want to be listened to, without fear of judgement.

Relevant book: How To Win Friends And Influence People by Dale Carnegie


Nothing ever gets done without the discipline to see the accomplishment through! Make sure you make your standards of professionalism and quality of work crystal clear right off the bat. You will be the living manifestation of what those expectations are, or risk permanent lose of credibility. Most people in your organization understand what the standards are and follow them BUT!

You will always have 5-10% that don’t get it and may never get it. Everyone knows there are consequences for not living up to standards, firing, NJP, Court Martial, and imprisonment are among them. When dealing with the under-performers document ALL formal counselings and always have a second person in the room when dealing with a member of the opposite sex.

Counselings aren’t meant to destroy a person’s ego but to correct whatever the deficiency is, hot-headed profanity laced displays of anger do far more harm than good in any situation other than combat. You want that person to be a productive member of your team, keep this in mind when counseling.

How to develop: Learn to delay gratification, you can’t teach discipline if you don’t have. When your own discipline is on point that is when you should raise the bar.

Relevant Books: Spartan Up! by Joe De Sana30 Days of Discipline by Victor Pride, and 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.



Again, being a good leader is very easy.

It’s only hard if you make it hard.

All the books I’ve mentioned, I have read and most of them I’ve read twice. If you are dedicated to bettering yourself in every way possible and read and execute what you read everyday, you will be an outstanding leader.

Constant learning and constant execution gets consistent results.


Marcus Harris


Gorilla Mindset Review


Gorilla Mindset is the most actionable book on the planet

That is no exaggeration, author, Mike Cernovich, Esq. cuts right to the chase:

You need a strong mindset to live a life of purpose and meaning.

Gorilla Mindset opens with a few of Mike’s personal experiences from his childhood:

One day a bully beat me up badly. It was humiliating…I went to the garage, laid down, and cried myself to sleep. When my dad came home from work, he opened the garage door, looked down at me with part pity and part contempt, and asked me one question that changed my life.

“When are you going to get serious?”

This sets the tone for everything that is to follow. Mike shows us how to get serious, one Mindset Shift at a time.

A key theme is developing the “Abundance Mindset”. In order for opportunity to present itself you must believe there is opportunity everywhere and that the world is a land of plenty. Otherwise the “Scarcity Mindset” will seal off your opportunities in life.

Make no mistake: this isn’t an academic book; nor a feel-good self improvement circle-jerk. This is an ACTION BOOK. You know those coloring books you had as a kid?


Gorilla Mindset at work!

That’s the way you need to approach this book. Through out Gorilla Mindset you are given “Mindset Shifts” actionable items that you can practice here and now to “color-in” your mindset. Some of them are as simple as observing the way you walk to something as tough as changing your emotions or blocking out negativity.

Mike does a great job backing up what he says with a mix of science, personal experience, quotes, and literature. Even then, you will find that if you follow the book and do the Mindset Shifts, your results will speak volumes of how effective the Shifts are.

My favorite is using “State Control” to reign in emotions and replace them with new ones. You can DECIDE how you feel and that Mindset Shift was revolutionary for me! I used to let people “ruin” my day not realizing that it was just them bringing me down to their level. I’ve been able to control my anger and negativity much better and this has made me a happier guy. As a bonus its a lot easier to deal with conflict and difficult people at work.


After a few days of leave.

I have Gorilla Mindset in kindle and audible and I’m hoping Mike will consider a hardcover.

Go buy Gorilla Mindset here.

Take action, take action NOW.




Jamplay: Learn how to play guitar the easy way

he used jamplay

So you want to shred?


Thats awesome! You don’t need to pay alot to learn how to play, just go here.

Usually the going price for private lessons is 40 to 50 dollars per hour or more and I know from experience that its a complete waste of money. My style clashed with my instructor and he wasted my time and money trying to teach me “proper” scales. Instead I ditched him for learning online and learned more in a few days vs. the month I spent with him.

You will ineivitably find your tutors instruction boring and/or limiting while he teaches you the “correct way” to play guitar. You weren’t meant to learn that way, learning should be free flowing and based on things YOU want to know

I’ve played guitar for 10 years and when I started I had a cheapo WildFire guitar, tinny sounding amp and John McCarthy’s Rockhouse Guitar lessons on DVD.

I’m a self-motivated learner and it was great learning how to play on my own with Jamplay. There isn’t a “correct” way to play guitar! Only the way that is most comfortable for you or uncomfortable.

The very best guitarists learned how to play on their own and you can do this too.

I stopped playing for a year after I joined the service and picked it back up. I found out about Jamplay after experimenting with different courses.

Jamplay: the best guitar learning resource there is

They have cool videos:

(Sorry the embeds aren’t working on thesis, its a dude playing an insane version of mary had a little lamb)

Thats the extreme tip of the iceberg. Their lessons are broken up into phases:

Phase 1: Basic guitar, step by step barney style instructions on how to play the instrument.

Phase 2: Stylistic and technique lessons, they teach you how to play in say, the style of Jimi Hendrix or playing with legato.

Phase 3: Songs, learn everything from Turkish March, to nursery rhymes, and even Cannibal Corpse riffs.

Phase 4: Songwriting tips: I haven’t delved too much into this section but the little I have seen is amazing. Beats reading Guitar Grimoires for hours trying to come up with progressions.

That’s Jamplay for you in a nutshell. For 19.99  a month (or $200 a year) its the best value I have found for lessons online anywhere. Imagine Tosin Abasi teaching you CAFO or Robb Flynn teaching you a solo. Pretty intense right?

You can try out Jamplay here

It will be the best guitar related purchase you have ever made and you will make leaps and bounds you didn’t think possible.




Smile at your enemies

You love some people,

You hate some people,

Its a fact of life that we all have had enemies, advesaries, and slithery devils in our lives.

Negative people have a certain gravity to them that tends to just suck you in and its real easy to be hateful and angry in return.

Have you seen the way people drive? The way they snarl at you in Wal-Mart? Just smile at their petty nature.

We are more negative than ever before and all because we allow people to affect our emotional well being.

Do not let them in; form a castle wall around your heart through meditation and mindfulness.

Raise your vibration above the low-lives, that live their sad, shallow lives or you will become them.

Too often I have found myself mudslinging with someone I despised, and realized that the real loser was me. I lowered myself to their despicable level and suffered from the negativity.

The lemmings are lemmings for a reason. They have no mindset and will operate at a base level for the rest of their hateful lives but that doesn’t mean you have to.

Do not give shallow hateful people the benefit of discourse. Be civil but don’t tolerate them any longer than you want to. Unlike them, you want to radiate the love and kindness that is sorely needed in our world today.

There’s so much more to life, so much more that man-kind is capable of if and only if we would love our fellow man.

Be the light in our darkened world.

I’m counting on you.